Night prayer

Home again, home again. We went out to breakfast this morning to mark the end of the vacation, and the words of this prayer from the New Zealand Prayer Book came to mind while we were talking about some of the ongoing concerns that didn’t solve themselves while we were away.

The words that stand out for me just now at any time of day: “What has been done has been done: what has not been done has not been done; let it be.”

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Carousel dreams

Congress Park Carousel, Saratoga Springs, NY: I never had the horse obsession some kids go through, but who didn’t imagine themself riding far, far away on one of these. 


Visiting St. Joseph’s Oratory high above the city of Montreal, I was impressed by the unexpectedly modern interior and in particular by the inclusion of the two women at the foot of the cross behind the altar. Carved in wood, and so expressive. A reminder of the vital work of those who stand their ground and witness great suffering, who are brave and strong enough to face the pain and not turn away.


I always thought that one good thing about Montreal would be the French influence on food-that they wouldn’t eat or drink anything that wasn’t really delicious. Then I went into Starbucks (free internet) and heard people ordering pumpkin spice lattes in French.

Smalls Falls

Smalls Falls, West Central Franklin, ME

I think this is one of the prettiest waterfalls I’ve ever seen. We found this place by accident the last time we drove this way, and made a point this time to find it again.