At rest

Solebury Friends Meeting

A wise photographer of my acquaintance once opined that it’s almost impossible to make a really good image of a cemetery, and I understood what he was saying, but it hasn’t stopped me from trying. I find such peace in this place. It happens to be where I expect to be buried myself, and when I walk there, I pass the graves of many people I’ve known and admired in this life. I miss them, but in some way knowing that they’ve gone this way ahead of me makes it easier to accept my own eventual demise. I love this little tool shed, and this big old tree, and I especially like the way the tree is swallowing up one of the headstones. Earth to earth, we are part of something larger than ourselves. I take that to mean one thing in death, where it’s about surrender, and something very different in life, where being part of a greater whole should mean caring about the well-being of Creation and all those with whom we share it.