Teach your chosen one to govern your people rightly

In my experience (but what would I know) when you go to an Episcopal Church, stand up front, and hold up a Bible, people expect you to open it and read something to them. Since that didn’t happen in the news from Washington yesterday, I’m going to fill in by offering a portion of Psalm 72:

Oh God, give your anointed one your judgment–
and your justice.
Teach your chosen one to govern your people rightly
and bring justice to the oppressed.
The mountains will bring the people peace
and the hills justice!
Your anointed will defend the oppressed among the people,
save the children of the poor,
and crush the oppressor.

Your anointed will rescue the poor when they cry out,
and the oppressed when there is no one to help them.
Your chosen one
will take pity on the lowly and the poor,
and will save their lives.
Your chosen one will rescue them all from violence and oppression,
and will treat their blood as precious.