Prayer written for a group that’s been reading Christine Valters Paintner’s book titled “The Soul’s Slow Ripening” together and discussing it on Zoom:

Good and gracious God, source of all love,
in whose image every one of us was created, 
you made us to love, and to be loved. 

Hold us now in the great circle of your love, 
as a mother embraces her children;
comfort and protect us as only you can. 

We fear now in this pandemic for our own safety, 
even as we witness the raw pain of others who never felt safe.
There is so much that is broken in our world and in our own hearts.

Give us courage and compassion to face that brokenness, and not turn away.
By your grace may we be healed; 
by your grace may we become healers in your name.

Circle us with your love,
and help us to appreciate 
just how large that circle is.

Help us to see that you are there 
in all those places where your children are suffering,
and if we want to follow you, we will have to go there, too. 

In the name of your Son who knew pain, grief, and injustice, 
and prevailed over them 
to show us the way.