Blessing for a Pilgrimage in Place

On this day, feed your hunger for purpose
   with a hearty meal that begins 
   with a chopped onion, a little garlic.

Simmer until the fragrance of it
   reaches everyone in the house,
   summoning them to the feast. 

Let your earnest desire to heal the world 
   find fulfillment then 
   in a smile across the dinner table.

Satisfy your desire for presence 
   by patiently receiving that long story 
   whose conclusion you already know.

Just for now, let your longing to serve God and humanity 
   find fulfillment in cleaning the kitchen when the meal 
   is done; send the others out to watch the moon rise.

Love the ones who share the house with you.

Let go of fretting that you were made for something more, 
   for some beautiful future 
   you’ve been chasing after all your life. 

Bless these moments when your purpose is clear. 
   Know each one for what it is: 
   the beginning and end of time.

Accept the invitation to enter there into the heart of God, 
   realizing at last that this blessing of each minute 
   will fill your day with grace.

Understand that a life of meaning begins 
   not with climbing a mountain before breakfast, 
   but with stopping to make the bed.

Be content. Be blessed by your life as it is.