Keep on loving

Boarding the bus. An ordinary, everyday part of city life. I’ve been remembering 9/11 this morning, praying for the victims and their families and all those first responders, thinking about the shock and fear I felt on that day and the days that followed. My husband was overseas, my son was the right age to be sucked into the war machine if things had gone that way. I didn’t know if life would ever be the same again. And eventually it was, and it wasn’t.

I think the best way to stand up to the terrorists, whether they be religious extremists from abroad or white supremacists raised up in our own good land, is to go right on living our ordinary lives. Get on the bus and go to work. Ride the subway. Go to church. Take the elevator to the top of tall city buildings and admire the view.

But most of all, keep on loving. Don’t ever let fear close your heart.