Christa, Edwina Sandys, Cathedral of St. John the Divine

I took these photos back in the spring. I find this so very powerful and thought-provoking.
The only images I made then were these straight-on shots, perhaps because the question that grabbed me at the time was, what if? … what if you walked into church and this is what you saw?

I’m still answering that for myself, and pondering follow-up questions: … about what it means to think of God as one of us … about lifting up the suffering of women as meaningful and redemptive … and about what it would mean to see ourselves and each other as “fully represented in society, especially in its most powerful and iconic institutions,” as it says on the cathedral website …

I’m still intending to find time to go back and contemplate this (with my heart and with my camera, of course) from other perspectives, but Christa has been very much in my thoughts and prayers in this time.