Yes we can

My primary medical practice was founded by a woman, and I think (maybe there’s someone I’m forgetting?) that until now the doctors, nurses, and office staff have all been female. Which always seemed kind of cool to me (although the fact that I’m a feminist doesn’t mean I’m not for men, too!).

Now they have a new nurse practitioner who’s a guy. I liked him a lot when I saw him for the first time yesterday, but I thought he did sort of stand out.

Reminds me of the time way back when I played in a women’s tennis league and took my toddler daughter with me every week to the babysitting at the court. The place was usually full of women, and she was astonished to notice a couple of men coming in as we were leaving one day.

“Mommy!” she said. “I didn’t know mans could do tennis, too!”

Now I’m impressed to see that mans can do medicine, too. Isn’t it interesting what a little change in perspective will do to open your eyes to human potential all around us.