Turning point

Today is the anniversary of one of those odd little events that feel nearly inconsequential at the time, but in retrospect seem to have changed everything. On this date in 2007, I clicked to submit an online form enrolling in a course titled “Reconciliation & Restorative Justice” at a school I’d never heard of until shortly before I signed up to attend.

I’d been an MA student in theology at a small college in New Jersey, but a large cohort had graduated out of the program at the end of the previous semester, and for those few who remained, just one course was being offered. I believe it was called “The Mystery of Christ.” In those days I was most interested in Christian ethics, and it didn’t much appeal to me (sorry, J.) so I looked around for something else, and this was what I found. I went ahead and submitted the form, and I think it it was just a few minutes later that I received an email from Jim Murphy welcoming me to the General Theological Seminary.

What that place has been to me in the time since could fill volumes.

So I wonder, would I still be where I am today if I’d gone ahead with “the mystery?” Or would everything be different – leaving a whole huge part of who I am unexplored, undeveloped?

What seemingly insignificant decision will you make today that you’ll look back on in years to come as the very beginning of something huge?

As Dag Hammarskjold put it: “For all that has been – thanks. To all that shall be – yes!”

–“Disco Jesus” – stained glass window, Chapel of the Good Shepherd.