Living conversion


Conversion: Turned around and upside down, it was once a house of worship, now a $$$ restaurant

I’m often amused at the way Facebook seems to create a different version of reality for each one of us, depending who our FB friends are. My virtual world appears to be populated largely by people who take photographs of flowers and care passionately (one way or the other) about the binding force of the italic print in the Book of Common Prayer.

In these last days, more than usual, it’s been all about where faith takes us, how it informs our actions and our whole lives – Kim Davis, 9/11, Joe Biden and Stephen Colbert – and I’ve been pondering these questions while working out the final details of a Sunday celebration where several members of our community will publicly affirm and embrace faith as they are baptized, confirmed, or received into the church.

Each one of these persons has taken a different path to this day, but they are all excited. The ceremony is a divide, a marker between before and after, a day they will look back on to remind themselves who they are.

Who they are, and who they are becoming.

My FB friends are deeply moved by the witness of Biden and Colbert, the men they became through faith, out of tragedy. My friends don’t even have to speak their condemnation of the misuse of faith in the destruction of 9/11. And then there’s Kim Davis. Some people lift her up as a hero while others condemn her as a hypocrite, but I see a troubled person who found consolation in faith, and empowerment to do amazing things. You only have to see a minute or two of the post-prison release press conference to see the neediness there. What wonders might the love of God have worked with the guidance of different mentors.

And that’s my point, the awesome responsibility of those of us who mentor. I’m not just talking about religious professionals, those of us who who lead people in the words of the prayerbook and make sure we conform to the rubrics. I’m talking about all of us who have known the love of God in community and try each day to live that out.

Who knows what amazing things these newly committed members of our community of faith will find themselves capable of. God give us wisdom and courage – and love – to show them the way.